Come and ride the rainbow

Let it take us away.

You can be whoever you are

Whether straight or gay.

Fly up the color bridge

Away from your concerns

And let the moment teach you

All the things you have to learn

If you would be a sunbeam

Or a sparkling drop of dew.

Float inside the freedom

Of simply being you.


Come and ride the rainbow

Let it show you all the joy

Of being totally happy to be

Like a little girl or a boy

Where all the world is wonder

Like a magic show just for you

That leaves you nearly breathless

With all the amazing things to do

And see and feel and revel in

The lovely shine of moonglow

As bright as a brand new dime.


Come and ride the rainbow

Let no one tell you no.

There isn’t really anyplace

You cannot dare to go

Where colors are more vibrant

Or closer to your heart.

You’ll never see the glory

That you’ll see from the start.

So, come and ride the rainbow

To another place in your mind;

A peaceful kind of scenery

That few will seldom find.


Brent Kincaid


(Image from kochstour.com.)








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