I could not have done

What I have done so far

If it were not for the fact

That my friends are such stars

At support and approval.

Can we ever get too much?

They stayed beside me,

They stayed in touch.


I once got into the zone

Of going it all alone;

That egotistic drive

From being alive

And not smart enough

To see it can get tough.


Then things got strange

And I had to change

Or keep on being lazy

And maybe going crazy.

My friends came along

When I was going wrong

To celebrate my success.

When I pulled back from the mess.


So to bring this tale

To a satisfactory end,

Let me proudly say

I have had good friends.

They scoffed at me

Whenever I got too stiff.

The hollered at me

If I backed too near a cliff.


Brent Kincaid


(Image from




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