Me and him October2006 cropt


It started out with a glance of our eyes

Then we found out fate held a big surprise.

Nobody thought it would happen that way,

That two could know love in just one day;

That single moment of meeting each other

Would start on a path that went on forever.


But that started us talking

And it started out something

That we both saw instantly

Was the path to sincerity

And sharing our feelings

Of things that held meaning.


We wanted it to be clear

What we would feel every year

And not just this moment

In some rush of excitement.


Somehow we knew it had to be more

Than two people just trying to score

And putting up their best appearance.

We guessed we would go the distance,

So it had to be real and mutually healthy

Because god knows we weren’t wealthy

Or blessed with great track records.

So it had to be good for us both together

Or it would never be a thing we could do.

It had to be a perfect match for two.


And we knew it was

And we knew it because

I was just meant to be.

We called it moo and yee

And that was just the first

Of pet names, not the worst

Because it is still going on.

The thrill has not gone.

It has just gotten much greater

Twenty five wonderful years later.


Brent Kincaid




4 thoughts on “PERFECT MATCH

  1. JPittsProductions

    I love this post! Finding your perfect match; the thrill will never go away. It continues to get more exciting by each day. I live in Las Vegas and I, too, have a perfect match. Although he may be older than me, but we always find a way to laugh together. #WonderfulLove

    1. kauaiartist Post author


      This comment pleased me SO much because it hit the perfect audience, YOU. Yes. It is exciting. If you notice, I am much older than my other half by twenty years. The thing is the meeting of souls. If it is meant to be it will find a way to happen. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I means a lot to me. It means I accomplished when I posted the poem rather than doing what I did before the internet arrived; I kept them in a binder in my bedroom. You have warmed my heart.

      Aloha nui loa!

      Brent Kincaid, WordMusic.

      1. JPittsProductions

        Your very much welcome. It’s quite ironic that your other half is twenty years younger than you. My other half is quite older than myself. I’m 32yr. and my partner is 64yr. I’ve always had an attraction to maturity. Age is just a number; it’s the heart that speaks at great volumes. He’s said that I make him feel young again. I love to laugh and make others feel good about themselves.

  2. kauaiartist Post author

    And, on a humorous note, his late mother used to say I was the younger of the two of us. That comment has been made often as I am seen as a big kid. May we never need to leave childhood in life if we don’t want to.



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