A guy is pretending
To be my friend
And I don’t mean
Being friendly to me.
He has posted a picture
That happens to be
A friend of my I know totally
And this thief isn’t my friend.
He hasn’t a chance in the end.
He hasn’t got the ass
He hasn’t got the abs
He hasn’t got those banging pecs.
He’s just an internet pain in the neck.

I sometimes wonder about the mad
And what kind of brainfarts
They might have had
That let them think “I will try
To pretend to be this famous hot guy”,
Who artists have painted,
Who is known by stars.
I wonder just how
Stupid they are
Or maybe just some
Special kind of nuts.
Either way, it takes guts
Or insanity to yield to vanity
And post my friends photo
As someone we all know
When probably nobody
Really wants to know him
Because he is just that dim.

Brent Kincaid

(I wrote this for Alan Ilagan.)


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