damon and pythias


I am lucky because

I have had

That kind of friend

Who would sit and listen

To what I said

And find it interesting

And I would do the same

To them

And find it so interesting

I never wanted it to end.

Not a never-ending friend

But a never-ending friendship

Because I won’t slip

Into some kind of character

That never needs to hear

Their voice, their thoughts.

That’s what caught my attention

In the first place and sang

Like music instead of words.

That’s what I heard

That made me come back

To hear more.

To store up the memory

In what would become the me

That looked upon my friend

As history, a heritage

That merited all my time

And concentration when we

Were sitting together

Sipping coffee of a morning

Or evening, at home or in a café.

Sharing, or just to chat

About who and where

We both were at

And that was good enough.


Brent Kincaid





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