gay pride


I have been gay since forever
Since we were called queers
And fairies and tuityfruities.
And we had to smile ear to ear
When people told the gay jokes
And laughed at feminine guys
And did not react to remarks
People made as they walked by.

I have been gay since beginning
To go out in my own car alone
To check out the situation
Nobody to call on the phone
To chat with about things in life
Or to ask out on a date because
There were rules against it all
And even fuzzy morality laws.

And though there were signals;
Angora sweaters, white slacks,
Winks and even a kind of tickle
In palm of hand, the fact was,
I had never gotten any I saw
Or heard or felt, so far in life.
Just at string of suggestions
And questions about a wife.

Straight friends urged me to change
The way I walked and tone of voice
Into something heard on television
Which to me was a hateful choice.
I talked and walked as I felt
And I was made to know clearly
That continuing to act honestly
Was going to cost me dearly.

The proof of that was given to me
By the number of friends I lacked
And the number of time, when alone
That I was brutally attacked.
And I didn’t dress any different
Than the other guys my age.
It’s just that I didn’t stomp around
As if I was full of hidden rage.

I didn’t make passes or say
Rude things to passing women.
I felt many guys I knew were close
To being rapists; less than human.
And somehow my lack of drive
To take from them what I wanted
Meant I was one of the faggy kind
And deserved to be taunted.

Long story short, I bungled through
Staying myself all the way along
And taught myself to wait it out
And not go along with the throng.
I really didn’t have much of a choice,
And few are as patient as a guy
Who digs guys, maybe straight.
Yes, few were as patient as I.

But time did pass, and I learned
To get to know people well
Before I took them into confidence
With all the secrets I had to tell.
I thought early on, I was alone
And, though there might be a few
Gay guys out there, none for me.
That was my gay world view.

I’m glad to say I was wrong about that.
There are and always have been
Gay guys and gals and even some
In a category very much in-between.
Yes, we are everywhere it seems
As the chant when we marched said.
It just takes time for the straight world
To get it firmly into their head.

Brent Kincaid


(I have recorded myself reading this poem in a video at


2 thoughts on “WE ARE EVERYWHERE

  1. itsmayurremember

    Great poem!!
    Its sad to see a world where one’s freedom is deprived because of his/her sexual orientation.
    Us straights have it way easy than you!
    I hope things get better for you!!

  2. kauaiartist Post author

    Thanks so much for your kind and understanding words. For me, this poem was about the fifties and sixties. It got better when we marched, and sued and spoke out and stood up. The battle is not over, but things are MUCH better now.



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