CletusBillBobBoy was pissed

In a way only he knew how.

“What are these assholes,”

He roared, “getting up to now?

Isn’t it bad enough these sissies,

These cocksucking bunch of fags

Are getting to marry each other

Without publishing these rags?


I mean, first it was the women

They picketed to get to vote.

Then it was the niggers next,

If that ain’t one helluva note.

Then the spics wanted something

About wages and toilets and stuff.

More of that equality madness. Why do we put up with that guff?


I mean, it’s right there in The Bible

Woman should walk behind man.

And somewhere it says that niggers

Ain’t really the same race as a man.

But some bleeding heart wimpass

Back in the eighteen hundreds

Had to go messing around with shit

And most our good work was dead.


I’m telling you it’s getting harder

To have a decent conversation

Without some fudgepacking clown

Talking about social degeneration.

I was talking to this broad recently

And she told me she wasn’t a girl.

I looked at her and shook my head

And I asked her what in the world…?


I mean, don’t you think that really

There is definitely something not right

If a guy can’t call a chink a gook

And not get into some kind of fight?”

Then, CletusBillBobBoy looked up;

He was working up a huge moan,

When he looked around and realized

He was suddenly, totally alone.


Brent Kincaid




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