Denying the force of power

In the course of our history

Is a tale of remorse and misery

In some of life’s saddest hours

Protected by the power

Reflected in the power of love.

The power that fits like a glove.

Injected with the power.

The power that enervates,

Can eradicate its enemies

Intensifies philosophies

Of the power that illuminates

The power easily indicates

That it straddles adversities;

With the kind of spirituality

That the force of power creates.

A metaphysical shower

Generated by necessity

Surrounded by diversity

Is decimated by the power.

Question the intensity

And deny its existence;

Marshall your resistance

It isn’t all just publicity.

It’s like ignoring electricity

Or laughing at an earthquake

And the energy it can make;

It doesn’t add up to sensibility.

Brent Kincaid


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