He escaped from the city
At the age of fifteen
His mom was too pretty
That made his daddy mean.
He couldn’t take the beating
And the shouting every day.
The apartment had no heating
He felt he was in the way.

There’s nobody home in Solitude City
Family relations are a total scam.
Got to move where there is some pity.
Got to find somebody to give a damn.

He didn’t leave a letter
And he didn’t say goodbye.
He knew things would be better
Even if he didn’t try.
He worked hard for nothing
Getting back no gratitude.
He could work and make money
And keep what he accrued.

There’s nobody home in Solitude City
No good reason to get up every day.
Look for something better than nitty gritty.
Can’t find a choice, has to move away.

Working on a country farm
Back might be tired each day
No cause for alarm because
It means some honest pay.
Maybe he won’t do this job
Forever once harvest ends.
At least there are no slobs
To clean up after again.

He’s a long way from Solitude City
Learning how to keep what he has earned.
It’s sad with so few childhood joys to recall;
Some bridges really need to be burned.

Brent Kincaid
(Image from:


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