If you were going to create
A perfect world to live in
Would or would it not
Include every kind of human?
And if you were to leave some out
Which ones would you choose?
Which ones would be winners
And which ones would lose?

Since you are playing God
Will you keep certain people mute
So, they will keep silence
Or you shove them down the chute?
And, would you decide which
Will get to love and mate?
Therefore the rest would not
Be allowed to even date?

After you got the group
Of people that you prefer
What will you do with the wrath
The remainder will incur?
After all, some of them
Won’t behave the way you like.
Will you then behead them
Then leave their head on a pike?

And, what if some of the people
Of whom you do approve
Decide not to be around you
Would you object to their move?
Or would you go and find them
And knock them to the ground,
Kill off the spouse and kids
And burn their house down?

Some will make the mistake
Of making more money than you?
Or having brighter kids.
Then what will you do?
Will you make up some stories
And then go call the cops.
Or would you just beat them
With some well-placed judo chops?

In this perfect world of yours
Will everybody sound just like you?
That might prove rather boring.
Then what will you do?
After all, you’ll need to be
A letter-perfect example
Because you are building the world
Based on your own sample.

So, you don’t get to cheat,
Play around on your spouse.
You tell the truth on your taxes
Or hide money under your house.
You’ll have to do everything
Your God says you must do.
Because you have made everyone
Behave just like you do.

Brent Kincaid

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