He had the face of a lady
From a fashion magazine;
One of the skinniest bodies
Anyone had ever seen.
He posed like a superstar.
And the paparazzi drooled.
He walked like he learned it
In a ritzy finishing school.

He used his eyes like lasers
To take in all he saw.
He chewed up all the columnists
And he ate them all raw.
It was hard to get a bead on him
With everything he said.
They asked their thousand questions,
But none got inside his head.

He dated hot celebrities
Both female and male.
He smoked his marijuana
And he even went to jail.
Or else none would have known
If he was gal or guy.
He was never naked publically
Though nobody asked him why.

It wasn’t that his voice was great
But it had a certain sound
That talked of sensitivity
And having been around.
But mostly it was the face
That he turned to all his fans.
It caught them and stuck them
To their seats in the stands.

He was the perfect magnet
For publicity and fame.
He quickly lost his backup guys
And ditched his second name.
He was known as Guapo
That was all you had to say
And everybody knew you meant
The hottest star today.

Brent Kincaid


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