If you’re going to talk trash
Don’t say anything to me.
If you need to talk gossip
Go ahead and cut yourself free.
There’s enough junk in life
There’s not a reason to add
A bunch of lies and half truths
To all the ugly stories we’ve had.

If you can’t say something nice
Sit back and think it some more.
There are some nice sayings
And that is what they are for.
See if you can find something
Kind to say or just relax your lips.
There is plenty ugly stuff around
We don’t need your bummer trips.

The best way to start things out
Is not to say something about all;
You can’t know everybody, so
Your argument is ready to fall.
Surely since we are human,
We are all of us subject to fail.
So, unless you are perfect
You don’t have a reason to rail.

Don’t tell us about ‘those kind’
You seem to find so impure.
There is a way to heal yourself
So look into your heart for a cure.
Making people into things
So you can think badly of them
Is so much less productive
Than finding a way to love them.

Brent Kincaid


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