Shamey Mamie;
Forever complaining,
Raining down on us
With her own brand of fuss;
She always felt she knew
Exactly what to do
So that we would be
The kids of propriety
She felt she was raised to be.

Her favorite phrase was ‘ewww’
And she would use it on you
About what you ate and when
And how, and how often.
She had opinions of disdain
On being soaked by rain
And getting dirty.
She could act shirty daily
Even if you were only gaily
Giggling on the jungle gym
Or when you belched
And whatever, do not start
Working up a good fart.

Shamey Mamie, poor girl
Never seemed with the world
But, more like an editor
After the fact. Not in the act.
She tsked and huffed
And puffed out her cheeks
As if what you are wearing reeks
And only laughing when
One should not be laughing then
Because you were so stuuuuppid.
And she said it just that way
Far too many letters ‘u’ in the way
But it managed to say her disdain
In a very Shamey Mamie way.

Brent Kincaid


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