Death, wearing medals
In and out of uniform
Hearts made of metal
Glad to see the coming storm.
Marching and smiling,
Anxious for a holocaust.
Charmed by disaster,
Proud of the paradise lost.

Suited supporters,
Waving their checkbooks high;
Neglected returners
Wondering the how and why.
Why were they sent?
Why not a hero now?
Time to repent.
Nobody shows them how.

Capitol leaders,
Playing resentment games,
Made up their stories
When the Grim Reaper came.
Told all the voters
They must think of race instead.
Promising miracles;
Thousands are lying dead.

Burghers in satin;
Anything they want is theirs.
Ranks of forgotten
Sit in free clinic chairs.
Millions were wasted
On fancy super domes.
Half of the people
Cannot afford a home.

Where is the justice
When justices are bought?
Where are the teachers?
Kids tested but not taught.
When will we stand up
To chants of hate and fear
And put an end to
This madness every year?

Brent Kincaid


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