Land of promise

Land of the free

Those are the things

You promised me.

Work very hard

And save all your money.

You surely must have

Found that so funny.

Because you let them

Raise all the rates

And changed the way

Votes count in the state

Then you let them

Give themselves gold

Then robbed the fund

For me when I’m old.


For decades you told us

Go to college right now

Then you took away

The where when and how.

The interest charged us

To borrow the fare

Was high, but you got yours

So, you don’t care.

One of the few things

You found time to do

Was to give big raises

To the congressional you

Then you refused to vote

For higher minimum wage.

Is it any wonder at all

That we are so enraged?


You let Big Money Buy You

And also the Supreme Court.

You feathered your own nest

But sold the little people short.

The only way to beat the game

Is to be part of the graft.

It’s not about talent

It’s not about craft.

It’s all about the Good Old Boys

And their closed coterie.

It’s not about the common folks.

It’s not about me.

But listen to the promises

When the campaign starts

And it becomes very clear

You have no hearts.

Brent Kincaid

September 2, 2014

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