Nixon started it by dragging in scum.
Brought in with his the tactics taught
By his partner-in-crime, Joe McCarthy
All Dick’s now the White House was bought.
A new kind of Presidency was born
More like a miscarriage on the stage
To usher in a time of hit lists
And a J Edgar like Black Magic age
Of incantations of pinko faggots
And disgusting free love hippie freaks.
All you had to do was listen to
The way the President speaks.

He looks like a crook, and sound it
A blustering, bumbling, blubbering creep
Who thought the country was his toy
And robbed many of us of sleep.
Advised by his advisors he agreed
There are megabucks in war.
He seemed to like what Johnson did
So, he amped things up even more.
Then he hired a bunch of thugs
To invade the other party’s place
And when caught, didn’t burn tapes
And instead resigned in disgrace.

The country never gave Carter
A chance to do what he wanted.
His entire Presidency was labored
By the other party, how they taunted
And harassed the man and blamed
The raised price of oil all on him.
The Republicans were overjoyed
To lay the whole thing off on him.
So, when the elections came up
Ronnie Ray Gun strode right in
And let the oppression of the poor
And the pampering of the rich begin.

Then Clinton tried hard to repair
The damage Ray Gun had done.
He lowered the deficit and then
Created jobs for almost everyone.
For eight years the GOP
Tried it best to take him down.
They called him Bubba and
Treated him like a country clown.
It was rather like watching
A kind of a spastic dance
And it would have done no good
If he had kept IT in his pants.

But, after Clinton ran his course,
The fools that have few brains
Elected an asinine fool to office
Now worldwide wreckage remains.
The elected guy was a wastrel
Who had avoided military tasks.
He drank too much and whined
Adulthood was too much to ask.

But insane people voted for him
And the other guy didn’t campaign
So, apathy became the king
And the country fell into pain.
So much American incursion
In the lands all over the globe
Meant America had to wear
The aggressors ugly robe.

When some uglier people
From an area we had invaded
Climbed onto four airplanes,
As travelers they masqueraded,
Then took over the planes
And flew three of them
Causing the tip of Manhattan
And The Pentagon mayhem.

We were hated that much
And were the perfect excuse
To hang us all very high
With an international noose.
After that, the Top Fool
Took every chance he could
To make sure the citizens were
Robbed of all that was good.

We lost our right to privacy,
Our right to due process.
The entire country bent
Under unreasonable duress
Because so many citizens
Didn’t see the danger
Of handing their freedom
To self-appointed strangers.

The Top Fool’s buddies made
A playhouse just for the rich,
So they could rob and cheat,
And hide behind a patriot pitch.
Soon the country was bankrupted
By the hurtful laws they passed
When nobody was looking, that
Threw us down the tubes fast.

When a new President won
And he wasn’t pale skinned
The Former Top Dog’s buddies
Thought the public had sinned
So, they set about punishing
And lying about the left.
They never hurt themselves
But left the rest of us bereft.

Brent Kincaid

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