I used to be slim and youthful;
I had a very confident walk.
Many people tried to catch my eye
And wanted me to stop and talk.
I exercised and ate a decent diet
And wore the very latest style of clothes.
I went out to bars at the proper time and
Danced until when the place was closed.

I didn’t seem to need much sleep
And my energy was always there.
One of the important things in life
Was how well I styled my hair;
It couldn’t be too short because
So many men looked like girls
With amazing lionesque mops
And often with shining long curls.

And Frankenstein heels came in.
I loved the way the clomping felt.
And, some guys had rings of keys
Hanging from a loop in their belts.
We judged a song by the beat
And a bit by the lyrics in them,
But not always because sometimes
Nobody could understand them.

It seems like there was always
Something new by the Stones
But we liked some less-known bands
Like The Emotions and Ramones.
Of course The Beatles still ruled
A certain element of rock and roll.
But that was before the internet
So nobody was taking polls.

The best thing was so short lived
It almost seems like a dream,
But we slept with whomever we liked
And let the parents all scream.
We slept with girls and even guys
And it was not really a big deal.
When AIDS showed it ugly head
Then things became unreal.

Still when they play certain songs.
Like Donovan and the Doobies,
I find myself smiling and tapping
And occasionally saying ‘Groovy!’
I know I give away my age then
But the lines in my face do that.
It just feels good to look back
At those times and tip my hat.

Brent Kincaid


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