Inconsequential consequences
Can become startling coincidences
With surreal eventualities
Alongside stultifying banalities.
Quotidian impossibilities
And imposing responsibilities
Can exacerbate opportunities
To correlate similarities
To a degree that defies resolution
Without a dramatic revolution
In the current regimentation
And then befuddles regulation.

Without apparent irascibility
And maintaining my nobility
My impending hesitation
To complicate the situation
Is completely understandable
As a momentary crucible
Of cogent explication,
Perfect ratiocination
And understandability.
Perhaps even joviality;
The ultimate depiction
Of verbal nonfiction.

The pluperfect explication
Of the extant situation
Might have been jocularity
In relevant familiarity;
The natural adherent,
In no way aberrant
To tavernside discussions
With benign repercussions
Between ten-a-penny rogues
With multilayered brogues
That, while sometimes regrettable
Culminated in the forgettable.

Brent Kincaid



    1. kauaiartist Post author

      I could not find a place on your own little blog to post comments, so I will do it here and maybe you can copy and paste them into the blog so other can see them if you wish.

      Regarding the cartoons, you need to star your efforts. Use bigger paper so your content doesn’t bleed off the edges and NEVER use lined paper. Care enough for your work to give it the right materials. As far as your characters are concerned, they seem to tend toward the bizarre, so don’t be afraid to add color.

      While your art is not my particular cup of tea, you have a budding talent. Give in to it. Get a bit more serious with it and I am sure you will be rewarded in your bank balance and your soul.

      Brent Kincaid


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