Loving on the run

That’s what you’ve always done.

You say it keeps your spirit free

But, it doesn’t work for me.

It turns out to be a tease.

You come and go as you please;

Collecting all the benefits

But never can commit to it,

Never can understand the way

Tomorrow always follows today

Because you live in the right now

Avoiding tomorrow somehow,

And it seems you are smirking

At someone who is working

At building a stable life with you

That you never intend to carry through.

Then one day you smile and declare

That you are never going there;

Never going to settle down

You’re not through playing around.

Using all your charm and guile

You turn away with a big smile

Then go off on another adventure

Leaving all we had planned together

In the trash with yesterday’s roses

Almost rubbing it into my nose.

There is a name for people like you

And the kind of wreckage you do

But it isn’t nice and believe me

If I say it aloud, you won’t believe me

Because you think this is a right

And I am not supposed to fight

Or cry or feel disappointment

With this maddening arrangement

Where all the effort is on my part

And you never feel the need to start

To be honest, to give a warning shot

That what I thought was suddenly not

And I need not listen for the phone

Because you are never coming home.


Brent Kincaid




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